My earliest recollections are focused on food, the kitchen and tables laden with dishes made with love. My fondest memories are filled with all the scents, sounds, textures, colours and tastes of each occasion.

‘I’ve had the privilege of leading a varied and colourful life. Travelling, living in many cities and meeting the most interesting colourful people along the way. Characters who have inspired, influenced and enriched my life in so many ways. The golden thread interwoven in all my cherished memories however, is food.’

Roddy repatriated to Cyprus over 18 years ago, having run two successful restaurants in Johannesburg, he stole the local and international hearts of Cyprus with the infamous ‘Ta Piatakia in downtown Limassol. He's never been the type of chef who keeps to tried and tested recipes. Instead, he likes to takes apart the traditional and reconstructs it in his own delightfully unique way.

His culinary creativity mixed with a pure passion for food, inherited and absorbed from many key figures in his life means that every time he cradles a spoon or fondles an ingredient, his love for his craft emanates through every morsel of food which he makes.

Since stirring up the culinary scene in Cyprus, Roddy has made a name for himself as one of the island's most celebrated chefs. With numerous awards under his belt, TV and magazine media appearances which we can no longer count, he has not only become a culinary household name but a key individual which many people who have had the pleasure of his company, feel truly connected to.

Food Philosophy

I draw from my South African roots which incorporate the richest of Cape Malay, Portuguese and Indian cuisine and combine them with products from Cyprus. Over the thirty years of my involvement in the food industry, I have evolved my art into providing a memorable dining experience for my guests. My quest has been to revive classic recipes with humility and respect for their history.

Roddy Damalis

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