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Welcome to my Home

Over the decades of my career as a restaurateur, there has been a common and consistent phenomenon; both my clients and I have felt a certain comfort and warm familiarity that resulted in clients and proprietor becoming friends. Clients became guests and the proprietor became a host. The result of this experience has led people to say, “let’s go to Roddy tonight”, as opposed to the restaurant’s name, as though they were popping into my home to say hi, and I have always LOVED that! This incredible experience has given me precious lifelong relationships that I cherish enormously.

The privilege that has been bestowed upon me is that I have been witness to people’s most precious and intimate special occasions.


The New Era Of Roddy's Events

Since my break from the restaurant industry over the past year, I have realised that I am nowhere near hanging up my apron yet! I have missed being in the kitchen creating, but above all, I have missed my people!

I have enjoyed taking a break, breathing, thinking, creating my garden, and converting my ‘house on the hill’ into my home, and my sanctuary. It is this home that I would like to share with you. I would like to continue being your host and witnessing your special occasions…

MY VIEW is his new venture that has left us speechless. To be invited into a chef’s home for your special event is a privilege that will leave you with the most wonderful memories. This beautiful home on the top of a hill with its uninterrupted views is the perfect place to sip champagne at sunset…

Live Marvelous and Unforgettable Experiences at My View


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