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Corporate Lunches

by Roddy Damalis

Bento Box Concept


Services offered by award winning celebrity chef Roddy Damalis Catering for your company’s daily staff lunches. My menus are designed to provide your team with tailor made lunches, giving them the opportunity to create their own menu. My approach is to have a varied, restaurant style menu selection of different food options available to choose from so the employee can get a full nutritional meal based on their dietary needs and personal taste. This menu changes every 2 weeks to prevent people getting bored. The individual orders are placed once a week.

The bento box is the Japanese philosophy of an easily transportable container with various compartments that separate the various food items. There is a layer for hot food and another for cold. This beautifully designed box does not leak and is completely insulated. It also allows for a compartment to be removed and heated in the microwave. There is a set of cutlery included, and the lid becomes your plate. The container fits easily on a working desk in the office. This system also eradicates the problem of huge amounts of take away containers that need to be collected and thrown away daily making it an echo friendly solution. As today’s office working person spends roughly 8-9 hours of their day in the office, and roughly the same time if not less at their home, making the work environment as comfortable and sociable as possible has been found to have a direct correlation with increased individual output.

Menu Details & Options:

Calory count on certain items • Gluten free • Sugar free • No carbs • Vegan/Lenten • Dairy free • Protein • Microwavable • 2 week rotation of menu • Very careful not to mix ingredients • Hygienic preparation area • Highest quality cleaning & disinfecting products • Hygienic transportation

Lunches Menus

Two Weeks Sample Menus


€15.00 Per Person Plus 5% V.A.T.

(Minimum Order: 50 Meals Per Day)

The number of meals to be supplied is to be ascertained at the beginning of our cooperation. This number will be prepared and charged for.

€20.00 per day delivery (this amount will not change when there are more orders)

If you are to collect, the above charge is not relevant:

• The menu will be sent to your office for your team to choose their meal a week in advance.
• Each order will be labeled with the appropriate name.
• We will deliver to your office at your chosen time.
• The highest hygiene standards will be taken with the preparation and delivery of your meals.
• Delivery containers will be collected on the same day.


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