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Making the best of Lent

POSTED ON CYPRUS MAIL ON MARCH 4, 2023   After the hedonism of the carnival it is time to fast in preparation for Easter. But that does not mean flavour has to be given up The past ten days of...

Cyprus winter staples

POSTED ON CYPRUS MAIL ON FEBRUARY 18, 2023   With winter upon us there are some traditional food items that are best enjoyed at this time of year Trachana is definitely one of those items in the supermarket or deli...

Putting seasonal produce to good use

POSTED ON CYPRUS MAIL ON FEBRUARY 4, 2023   Sweet or savoury, there are plenty of ways to use local fruit and veg With the large local pumpkins being in season, it’s a good idea to take advantage, and use...

Roddy Damalis

“My earliest recollections are focused on food, the kitchen and tables laden with dishes made with love. My fondest memories are filled with all the scents, sounds, textures, colours and tastes of each occasion.”


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